‘Beauty’ blogger cleans makeup tools and brushes from her house

By LIZA HILL / Reuters A makeup artist cleans a brush from her makeup kit at her home in the New York suburb of East Hampton, New York, March 5, 2017.

REUTERS/Mark Lennihan The makeup industry is in turmoil, as more people are starting to leave their brands and start looking for new ones.

But while the industry has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, some experts say it could be even more drastic than most think.

The beauty industry is on the verge of a full-blown cultural collapse, said Dr. Sarah Mather, a beauty expert and author of “The Beauty Industry: A Modern History of Beauty”.

It’s a collapse that could be as sudden as the global financial crisis in 2008, or even more severe, she said.

There’s a lot of bad blood between makeup brands and each other, and that’s causing a lot to fall apart.

So much bad blood is starting to spill that it could lead to a huge loss of trust in the makeup industry, and even in the entire beauty industry, she told Reuters Health.

And the bad blood could spread to other industries.

Mather says people who buy cosmetics from big makeup brands are being left out of a lot more of the beauty industry’s profits.

“They’re getting the short end of the stick,” she said, but she added that if consumers are left behind, makeup will continue to go the way of the horse.

“We’re going to see the same kinds of things that have happened in the cosmetics industry in the past.

There will be people left behind.”

She also worries about the fragility of beauty brands, saying they have been able to survive because they have a reputation for quality, high-end products that have been tested and tested, and who also have a very strong social network.

“The beauty community is not a social network,” she told Business Insider.

“They don’t really have people to support them.

They don’t have the financial resources to support a lot.”

And that, she says, is one of the biggest problems facing the makeup market.

“What we’ve seen in the last couple of years is a massive shift to a smaller group of people,” Mather said.

“It’s not about making more products, it’s about a much bigger shift.

People are starting a smaller social network, and it’s just not working.”

She added that it’s becoming clear that the makeup companies are being bought by others, not by their consumers, who are more likely to choose smaller brands.

“It’s hard to compete with these other companies,” she explained.

“But it’s very, very hard to keep them.”

The Beauty Trade Journal is a weekly look at the industry.

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By LIZA HILL / Reuters A makeup artist cleans a brush from her makeup kit at her home in the…

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