Makeup tools are the new face masks, according to new research

The makeup tools are one of the best ways to treat acne, according a new study published in the British Medical Journal.

The findings show that patients treated with cosmetics using the brand’s new makeup tools had fewer inflammatory acne lesions and fewer signs of facial skin irritation.

The researchers analyzed data from 1,091 patients treated at seven U.K. beauty clinics, and found that about 25% of the patients who were treated with makeup tools experienced acne and skin irritation at least once during the trial period.

The makeup products they used ranged from the skin-friendly Mizon Pure Skin Liquid Eye Mask to the more potent L’Oreal Pure Facial Mask, which was said to contain ingredients like parabens and alcohol.

In addition to acne-causing ingredients, the makeup was also said to reduce redness, which is often associated with acne.

While it’s unclear exactly what makeup products the study participants were using, researchers said the results could have implications for patients who want to avoid or reduce acne-related triggers.

“This is a very important finding, because it shows that people who are using the Mizon products are not going to make you acne,” said lead researcher Dr. Joanna Walshe from the University of Bath.

“But it also shows that the mask is really effective, because the acne can be treated.”

The researchers said they plan to follow up with the patients to see if they experience any adverse side effects from the makeup.

They also plan to look at the efficacy of other makeup products, including Botox, lip products, and the L’Oréal Face Lotion, which contains an antioxidant-rich moisturizer.

The research team said they hope to conduct a more extensive study of the makeup products and makeup products that patients are using, but for now, the findings are a promising sign that the cosmetics market is starting to catch up with consumer needs.

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The makeup tools are one of the best ways to treat acne, according a new study published in the British…

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