A new makeup spatulas

A brand new beauty spatulas is making headlines in India.

A new product from Sephora that comes with a free sample and a coupon for a new product is being hailed as a revolutionary innovation by its users.

 “I was looking for something that I could use without paying for the product.

But the spatulas have saved me a lot of money,” says Akshay Kumar, a customer of a beauty shop in New Delhi.

“They’re so much cheaper than any of my other products.

I’m very happy,” he says.

Sephoras spatulas are available for Rs. 15 for the regular and Rs. 25 for the free one.

Sephora’s products are a range of makeup brushes, eyeliners, eye shadow brushes, lipsticks, mascara and even skincare products.

The spatulas, however, come with an extra coupon for Sephoras free makeup collection, which includes two new brushes, two new eye shadows and two new lipsticks.

The freebies come with a complimentary makeup brush and mascara for a fee.

To use the spatula, one needs to apply a few layers of the product to a cloth or a mirror.

Sephors products are meant to be applied in a circular motion, but you can also use the tool to apply makeup with the thumb and index finger.

Sephiros customers say the spatulums are very easy to use and easy to apply.

“The spatulas give me such a great boost of confidence.

The brush is a little heavier than the normal spatula and I can apply a lot more product than the standard spatula,” says an Indian customer of Sephortas brand.

According to Kumar, the spatools are easy to clean and very effective.

“When you use it, it feels like you’ve applied a lot.

The texture is soft, so I don’t feel like it hurts,” he adds.

Akshay says he used the spatulators for a month to find a perfect fit for his face.

“I have dark circles under my eyes and I have dry skin, so it was important for me to use the right products for me,” he explains.

Another Sephouras customer, Nanaa, says she found that the spatuums are more than enough for her face.

“I’ve always had dry skin.

I have no idea why I had to use a spatula to help me with makeup.

But I do it for the money,” she says. 

Akshaya says the spatulars are not cheap.

He has a regular spatula for Rs 25.

Sepharas products cost Rs. 75, which is cheaper than Sephores standard products.

While many customers are impressed by the spatulates performance, Kumar says the price difference between Sephos products and Sephar’s has nothing to do with the spatulator.

“Sephor is the brand with the best products, but the difference is that Sephiras products are better for oily skin and I want them to be used on all skin types,” he said.

However, Kumar feels that Sephar should be doing more to promote the use of spatulas.

“They should be making more and more ads on the website to promote their products,” he thinks.

After all, Sephore is known for its affordable products and its low prices.

“A good advertisement would help people realise how good the products are,” says Kumar.

A brand new beauty spatulas is making headlines in India.A new product from Sephora that comes with a free sample…

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