How to make a zombie makeup kit for Halloween

A few years ago, the internet was a hive of DIY zombie makeup kits.

But as the Halloween season came to a close, it was clear that a large percentage of people who wanted to recreate the horror classic were just as clueless as anyone else.

For the most part, they just wanted a zombie mask, and didn’t have the time or expertise to build their own.

So, what do you need to make your own zombie makeup?

The basics of a DIY zombie kit include:A clear base coat of clear silicone or clear acrylic that’s about the same color as your skinThe basic makeup sponge (or two) to create a sponge (with a bit of makeup)If you’re planning on making this yourself, it’s important to know that the zombie makeup sponge is an essential ingredient, and not just a convenient accessory.

It’s a sponge, so you need one, and you need it to hold the makeup in place.

If you don’t have a sponge to work with, a disposable sponge is recommended.

It won’t be as comfortable to use as the real thing, but it won’t hurt your makeup either.

The disposable sponge will be made up of silicone or acrylic, so it’s super flexible and you can remove the sponge from the tube after the first coat of makeup has dried.

You’ll also want a brush to apply makeup to the sponge, but don’t forget to remove it after each coat.

To apply makeup, you’ll want to apply the makeup on top of the sponge and then apply a layer of foundation on top.

You can apply the foundation to the edges, but be sure to apply it just under the sponge.

If you’re applying foundation to a surface that doesn’t have any makeup underneath, make sure to place the sponge under the makeup.

To finish off the look, you can use a makeup brush to dab the makeup onto the sponge or apply a lip brush to the forehead and browbones.

The most important step to getting this zombie makeup ready for Halloween is to use a sponge.

It helps to have one, but you don’ need a large one.

The trickiest part is actually finding one.

You’ll need one of the following:Clear silicone sponge for your maskThe disposable spongeThe clear acrylic paintbrushIf you have a makeup sponge, you may also want to use some sort of makeup remover.

I found the spray paint on Amazon worked well, as did a small amount of the liquid silicone.

You can also find cheap makeup removers online.

Make sure you get a product that won’t stick to your skin and won’t stain your face.

You could also just use some basic makeup brushes.

These can be bought at any drugstore, and some of the cheaper ones I found worked well.

Make a note of the brushes you want to buy.

I’m a fan of the one I used: It comes with a rubber band, so that the brush won’t rub against my face, and the rubber band makes it easy to wipe off makeup that doesn, in fact, need to be wiped off.

When you’re ready to go, just apply makeup using a small dab on top (you’ll need to get the sponge to the edge of the makeup).

The brush will come out of the plastic, but there’s still a layer underneath.

Apply the rest of the foundation.

Now you can put on the mask, or you can try using some sort, like a face mask, on top instead.

I like the way my mask looked: A little of the mask left on my face was all that was needed to cover my face. 

Once you’ve done that, it may seem silly to apply more makeup, but after a while you’ll probably forget that you’re wearing a mask at all. 

It also helps to use makeup removers, because you don`t want to accidentally wipe off the makeup with a brush. 

If you decide to apply mascara, make the mascara look like you’re doing a makeup tutorial.

For me, I applied it as I went, so I didn’t need to worry about it. 

There’s also the option of using a gel liner to cover your eyelashes, but again, it might not look as nice on someone who isn’t wearing makeup.

You could also try applying some of your makeup as a lip liner, but make sure you apply the top coat with the sponge first, not the actual makeup. 

Finally, I tried putting on a full face of makeup.

The idea was to cover everything up, but my face just seemed too full to do this.

I’d like to think that the makeup wouldn’t show up too well on my cheeks or chin, but this was the first time I’d tried this and it didn’t work for me. 

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A few years ago, the internet was a hive of DIY zombie makeup kits.But as the Halloween season came to…

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