Cosmetics products with the biggest brand names

Cosmetics companies are scrambling to get their brand names onto the shelves of new Australian retailers as they try to boost sales.

Key points:There are currently no cosmetics brands available to buy on shelves in AustraliaThe ABC understands that some of the biggest brands are now only available in select stores and will be on the shelves for months to comeThe ABC has identified six cosmetics brands in the top 10 for brand names.They are: Glamour, Sisters, Founded in 1901, and Lionel. The ABC’s Market Watch is now on at 8.30am AEDT on Thursday. 

It is the first time the ABC has been able to look at the top five for the first two months of the year. 

Glimmer, the brand that made the most headlines last year, is now the sixth-biggest cosmetics brand in Australia.

“We are looking for a new brand, a brand that is exciting and different,” said Katherine Healy, head of brands at cosmetics giant Gemma. 

“We want to make sure that the brand can be a new entrant into the marketplace.”

Ms Healy said there had been no changes to the brand names for some of these brands, including: Sister, Lemonade, Gems, Diva, Strawberry and Sneaky. 

But there were also some changes to other brand names, including Honey & Chocolate, Sunshine, Wooly, Cake and Lava. 

This is due to changes to a few categories, including the inclusion of products like Pumpkin and ‘Temptation’, which were previously limited to Mermaids. 

And Sue Snyder, the CEO of cosmetics company Gelat, said the brands she was working with were “moving in different directions”.

“We have been focusing on creating a brand which has a more aspirational message, which is why we are excited about the potential of some of our new brands,” she said.

“Some of the new brands, especially in the mid-market, are exciting to us and we have a lot of interest in them.” 

Geminare, which had been sold by the cosmetics giant Sephora to Seymour Tashkin, is the only other cosmetics brand that has moved to the retail space. 

 Gloria Anker, the founder of Gigantex, said there were a few reasons why she wanted to focus on brands that would appeal to the more young female shoppers.

“One is the fact that we are seeing an increase in the number of women over the age of 50,” she explained.

“This is really a growing market. 

Our focus is on a range of women. 

We are trying to give women options in the beauty world.”

Ms Anker said she was “happy with the way things have turned” since Sephort had been bought by Livi. 

She said Geminare had been “shifted into a different direction” with the introduction of Cascade and  Lilac.

“What we are trying and pushing on is to offer more value to our women, and more options to our customers,” she told MarketWatch. 

Ms Ankers also pointed to the fact there were “more opportunities for women” in the retail sector. 

There were a number of different categories in which Geminares new products were available, including cosmetics, hair and body products, jewellery and home décor. 

According to Glamour Sisley, the biggest difference was the inclusion of Sunrise and the inclusion in the new Beauty and Beauty Baskets range of Sunset and Coral colours. 

While it was a “small” jump from its debut in 2017, she said Glamorous was still on top of her list of “major brands that are looking to grow”.

“Sunrise is a fantastic product,” Ms Sisley said. 

Sunburst is a beauty brand that is going to be on top for a while, but is looking for ways to make more money.

“There’s going to come a point where there’s more competition,” she added.

“Glamorous is one of the brands that have been on top [for a while].”

It’s one of those brands that has been on the market for a long time, but we are very confident in the fact they are going to grow.” 

The biggest jump in brand names came from the launch of Hands of Beauty by Hobby Lobby. 

That brand is now available in six stores in Australia, and will have its first retail launch at the end of July. 

Its name will be inspired by a popular fashion brand, Hip Hunk, that started in 1979

Cosmetics companies are scrambling to get their brand names onto the shelves of new Australian retailers as they try to…

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