‘Makeup’ is an oxymoron. How can you make a difference in the world?

“It’s all about the products, not about the people,” says Karina K. Peterson, who founded Makeup For People, a nonprofit that provides makeup tools to people with physical disabilities.

Peterson says she started the nonprofit because she wanted to use her gift of makeup as a tool to help people around the world.

“There are a lot of people who are struggling,” she says.

“And you can do so much to make a big difference.”

Peterson says people with intellectual disabilities struggle with making decisions and getting help when it comes to social interaction.

She says they often have a hard time understanding why people have disabilities, and it can feel like a struggle to communicate with them.

Peterson is also passionate about helping people who struggle with communication and finding ways to connect with them as they use their gifts.

She launched Makeup for People in 2015, and in February, she launched a new initiative called the Makeup Foundation.

Peterson said she is grateful for the outpouring of support from her foundation’s donors and the hundreds of people across the country who have donated to the foundation.

“People have been incredible to me,” she said.

“I’m grateful to them for that.”

Makeup foundation members who are disabled include actors Mandy Moore, Natalie Wood, and James Marsden, among others.

Peterson hopes that her foundation will also inspire people to become more active and empower them to make positive changes in their communities.

She said she hopes to use Makeup Together, a partnership of more than 40 organizations, to reach people with disabilities in more communities, including underserved neighborhoods.

“My hope is that by having a group of people together who have the same goals, who are looking for a shared mission and goal and that’s to have a stronger, more inclusive society, then that will happen more quickly,” she explained.

Peterson’s foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

It does not receive tax dollars and relies on a combination of donations and private donations.

Makeup members can learn more about the foundation at makeupfoundation.org.

Contact Rachel LeBlanc at [email protected]

“It’s all about the products, not about the people,” says Karina K. Peterson, who founded Makeup For People, a nonprofit…

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