Why you should be wary of ‘Iherb’ makeup products

Iherb’s Ihera mascara has become the hottest new beauty trend, and the beauty company says it’s just as easy to make your own mascara.

The company launched the $69 mascara at a New York fashion show, and it’s now being sold in other cities.

Ihera, which is owned by Israeli billionaire Isaac Herzog, says it doesn’t require a prescription or any special makeup skills to use its products.

Iheras is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the product by launching a new line of cosmetics that include eye shadows, lipsticks, and mascara.

The company launched its line of makeup at a fashion show in New York City.

IHERA Mascara The mascara uses Iheratane, a type of pigment that absorbs the makeup before it goes on, so it stays on for hours.

While Iherastane is technically vegan, its packaging claims that it can be “made without animal testing and cruelty to animals.”

Ihella’s Ihella mascara was one of the top-selling makeup items on Cosmo.com for the first three weeks of 2016, with sales reaching $4.5 million, according to its website.

It comes in a wide variety of shades, including bright orange, pink, peach, and blue, but Ihealla also sells a range of other colors, including black and white, red, and white.

In the beauty industry, the term Ihea is synonymous with the word “natural,” which means that it doesn\’t contain ingredients that have been tested on animals, according, for example, to the Animal Welfare Act of 1975.

However, the company does test its products on animals in the United States and around the world.

Its mascara, for instance, is made with a vegan-friendly formula and comes in both a black and a white version.

The black version is made to last longer than the white one.

Like Iherashm, Ihealas makeup is made from organic ingredients, such as rice and hemp fiber.

The brand also makes products that are cruelty-free, like its Mascone Natural line, which uses a blend of coconut oil, rice, coconut oil emulsions, and vitamin E to make a natural-looking, nourishing, and hydrating makeup that’s free of animal testing.

Ihealer, which also sells Iheray, a similar mascara, sells mascara that is vegan, but the mascara itself is made without animal ingredients.

Iheyalas brand has expanded its offerings to include a range with lipsticks and a lip brush, though, as the company’s website states, its products are made without synthetic fillers and cruelty-less.

A look at some of the Iheramas products on Cosmopolitan.com: It has also expanded its range of eye makeup, offering mascara, lip glosses, and lipsticks in both eyeshadow and liquid.

For $69, the mascara is the cheapest Iherabl mascara available in the U.S., with a $39 value.

As for the products themselves, the products range from natural, which can be made from rice, hemp, and coconut oil; to synthetic, which has been found to contain synthetic filler and animal testing; to vegan, which includes vegan-safe ingredients.

Ihail, which sells Iheall, also offers a $49 mascara that uses a vegan formula and contains no animal testing, but it is not vegan.

 The mascara is sold in three shades, which range from bright orange to pink.

Each shade costs $39.99, and they come in a range from orange to bright pink, as well as black and red.

Beauty is all about product innovation, says Laura Gant, who runs a website called Makeup Junkies that sells beauty products.

If it’s not in your budget, you can’t afford to spend $200 on it, Gant says.

“You don’t have to be an expert to make something work.

You just have to know what you need to know,” she says.

Iherb’s Ihera mascara has become the hottest new beauty trend, and the beauty company says it’s just as easy to…

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