A look at some of the most popular makeup tools from the past year, in the style of the late 90s

You probably know that makeup can be messy, so it is hardly surprising that makeup tools are full of surprises.

Whether it is a modern, sleek, high-tech look or a vintage, classic style, the products that you use will change the way you look, and that is what makes makeup tools so much fun to use. 

With so many brands out there, choosing the right one is one of the hardest things in the beauty industry, but when it comes to makeup tools that are actually vintage, it is possible to find some that are more affordable than the high-end brands. 

Today, we will be talking about the latest in makeup tools and the tools that people use today. 


The Fountain Pencil by Nerdy Brand  (1954) The Fountain Pencil was a very popular makeup tool at the time, but the popularity of the product didn’t last long.

In 1954, the Nerd Collection introduced the Fairy Fountain Pen with an eye-catching design.

The Fairy Fountain Pen was a unique product that was able to take up to 3 pencils, and the price tag was $15.

The original design was a pencil holder, but later on, a larger fountain pen was added.

The Nervana Nail Art Pencil (1961)  The original Nervana Nail Art pen was a high-performance, low-maintenance, non-permanent marker pen that was popular at the northern American beauty salon in New York.

Since the original Nail art pen was discontinued in 2011, the Nervanas original product, the Fairy Fountain pen, has since become the most common and used beauty pen on the market. 


Lucky Charm Eyeshadow Brush by Kaweco  This is an iconic beauty tool that is commonly used today by celebrities and other influencers.

The Lurid Eyeshadows in this brush can help you get an even glow with the correct shades of color and highlight areas. 


KoolAid Eyeshade Stick by Hollister  A unique beauty product that is not that common. 

Hollywood stars and other celebs have used this product for years.

The KoolAid Eyeshade Stick is a lens-type lenses that can be attached to the tip of a Koolaid Eyeshading Brush, and can capture a different eye color, eye shape, and more. 


Aeropostale Eyeshades by L’Oreal The Aeropostales Eyeshadges are an incredibly useful product that has been popular in the cosmetics industry since the late 90’s.

These are eye shadow sticks that can be attached to a K-Beauty Brush, and they are very versatile. 


Natura Skin Perfecting Powder by Oskar Blues This product is very popular, and it is definitely worth a look for people looking for a simple, non–toxic skin mask.

Oskars Skin Perfection Powder is used for a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, eczemas oily skin, acne, and even dryness.

This beauty product is often used by celebrities to help their skin look natural.


Beauty Brushes by Tarte Beauty brushes are a staple of beauty products, but it is rare to find one that is made from recycled materials. 

Tartan Beautiful Briquets is a great example of a product that recycles recycled materials in the design. 


Neutrogena Natural Skin Toner by Neuterology Neutrophila is a very common skin condition.

It is a condition that can result in dryness and redness, and is often caused by sun damage.

Neutrophilia is caused by bacteria, and this condition can be caused by skin aging and the improper use of sunscreen.

Neuterology products that can help reduce the symptoms of Neutropias include the Neutralize Treatment for Neutrobiome Disease , Neuters to Neutrino Sensitivum and NeuVie Bioscience.


Sampha Mask  by Samphas Articles Sampsha is an extremely popular product from the Luxe Sampsa collection, and a product from which many people are inspired to take a step back and reevaluate their beauty routine. 

It is a mask that contains natural ingredients and is extremely soothing, making it a great product for anyone

You probably know that makeup can be messy, so it is hardly surprising that makeup tools are full of surprises.Whether…

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