Month: June 2021

How to Hack the Face Shape Hack

People use makeup tools to contour their faces.But if you want to hack the shape of your face, you need…

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Eylash, the makeup tool you can buy online without breaking the bank

Eylashes is a makeup tool that lets you order makeup online without ever having to visit a makeup shop.The tool…

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Why You Need to Clean Your Makeup Tools: How to Clean Them

After using your makeup brushes, you’ve probably noticed a lot of dirt, oils, and other things that you’ve been left…

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A brand-new lipstick and lip gloss that’s easy to use and perfect for everyday beauty

When you think of lipstick, you think lipstick.But the way you apply it, the way it lasts, and the way…

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Why do you need to know makeup tools?

Here’s a little primer on how makeup products work, the importance of setting and how to apply them, and some…

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Why are people so obsessed with plastic makeup?

Some of us, like myself, are pretty obsessed with makeup.I have been to the makeup counter and the makeup artist’s…

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La Diamante, La Cucina della Glamazon!

By Mario Gatti (Football Italia)In this article you will find:Cosplay makeup brushes and makeup tools La Díamante,La Cucinas della Giglazon,La…

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What is a makeup hack?

The term makeup hack is often used to describe the process of purchasing a cosmetic product online, such as a…

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What you need to know about the strange makeup products on planes

The bizarre makeup products flying on flights from Europe to the United States can often be seen as more of…

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